‘We would be living in someone else’s land’ – Gibraltar’s Chief Minister

Chief Minister of Gibraltar Fabian Picardo said today that shared sovereignty with Spain would “strip us of who we are.”

“Our day to day lives would not be the lives that would we live today. We would be living in somebody else’s land,” he said.

The comments were made on the Andrew Marr Show today and follow the EU’s recent draft guidelines for Brexit which include demands from the Spanish government.

The EU council say that for any future trade deal between London and Brussels to apply to the Rock, it must pass through Madrid.

However, this could be removed from the draft by the time it is published at the end of this month.

Picardo said it is “only fair, proper and right” that any trade deal made between London and Brussels should also apply to Gibraltar.

Although the Rock voted to remain in the EU by a landslide, Teresa May has the full support of her colleagues in the Mediterranean territory.

The Spanish Foreign Minister Alfonso Dastis has said that Spain has spent some time lobbying other member states to include the issue of Gibraltar on the EU’s draft guidelines for Brexit.

Dastis also said Spain would not block Scottish independence even though they don’t want it to happen, as the country doesn’t believe in the break-up of member states.

Though he doesn’t believe in the break-up of member states, Spain has been advancing their territorial claim to Gibraltar since the Brexit vote.

Fabian Picardo recently urged Gibraltarians to continue with their lives and ignore Spain’s attempts to erode its sovereignty.

“The people of Gibraltar don’t need to worry; the people of Gibraltar need to get on with their lives and with their businesses,” he said.

He added that Gibraltarians can succeed in avoiding the erosion of their sovereignty by being economically successful.

The people of Gibraltar rejected shared sovereignty by almost 98.5% in a referendum in 2002.


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